Pricing & Registration

Ammunition and target setting not included. Client is also responsible for any guest fees or golf cart rental. Shotgun rental fee of $50 is available. We offer Target Setting – please inquire for pricing.

Pablo Montealegre
Houston, Texas

Call 713-303-1695 or email
to schedule your lesson.

Location for Shooting Lessons:

greater houston sports club

Greater Houston Sports Club
6700 McHard Road
Houston, TX 77053

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it Rains?

Generally lessons are conducted unless there is heavy rain or lightening. It is generally suggested that you touch base with your instructor the night before your appointment if the weather looks bad. If it just looks like a light rain or shower bring your rain gear.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, your commitment is your deposit. If you cancel less than 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time you will be responsible for 50% of your lesson fee. The invoice for this fee will be emailed or mailed to you and is due upon receipt.

Do you have guns we can use?

Yes, Escopeta Shooting Academy will always provide use of a gun free of charge.

How long is a lesson?

This depends on many factors. There is always a 1.5 hour minimum on all lessons. If you are an experienced shooter it is recommended that your first lesson is 2 hours. For new shooters and beginners 1.5-2 hours is enough time for your first lesson. You can always share a lesson with a friend just plan accordingly to schedule enough time for 2 people. Generally 2 hours for 2 people is enough time and 3 hours for 2 people is even better.

Can a friend and I share a lesson?

Yes, you can always bring one person to share a lesson at no additional charge. If you have 3+ students you will add a flat fee of $25 per hour that will be added to the hourly rate.

Should I do a private lesson or shooting school?

Both are very effective means of learning and you will learn a lot regardless which option you choose. Ask yourself if you would be more comfortable in a 1-on-1 scenario or with a group? In group “shooting schools” we try our best to keep experience levels as close to together as practical.