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Pablo has helped me understand my own shooting technique. By coordinating feet and body stance, I was able to improve my gun swing and movement with the target. He also has the ability to coach any level and experience of shooter. Pablo modifies his process to fit you and your style of shooting. I had had lessons from some very well know professional shooters and Pablo’s style and communication skills works best for me.

Marty Tindel

Houston, TX

My company sponsored a skeet shooting event in 2020. I had never shot any clays but grew up in a family of shooters, so I decided to take lessons to feel comfortable participating. I contacted Pablo Montealegre at Escopeta Shooting Academy. I took 4-5 lessons from Pablo and was very comfortable shooting by the time of the event. We started with what gun to buy and moved to proper handling, loading, and cleaning my shotgun. I fell in love with sporting clays from the first lesson. Pablo is patient when he needs to be but also calls me out when I’m not focused. He has taught me everything from etiquette during a tournament or on a sporting clays course to shooting true pairs (2 targets launched simultaneously). Pablo stresses safety at all costs, but his focus is always to have fun. I have seen him teaching young kids who have never shot to very seasoned veterans. He is excellent with all ages and skill levels. You won’t stop at one lesson!

Shanna Graves

Houston, TX

If you want to improve your shooting ability with a shotgun, Pablo Montealegre’s Escopeta Shooting Academy is an excellent choice. I’ve taken shooting lessons from some of the best instructors in the business and they all had something to contribute to my shooting resume. However, I was never satisfied with anyone until I began taking lessons from Pablo. He has the rare talent of being a great shooter, instructor, and communicator. He emphasizes the shooting basics and tailors a lesson according to the student’s ability and expectations . I have enjoyed every lesson with Pablo. He’s supportive, enthusiastic, and has made me a better shooter.

If you are competitive and want to move up in class he’s your guy.  If you’re not competitive and just want to improve and have a great time, he’s your guy.

Curtis Fillman

Houston, TX

Pablo has helped move me forward tremendously.  He is intuitive and has a very practical approach when he explains the process and gives you the reasons why.  Pablo’s competitive nature is apparent but his instructional sessions are always enjoyable.

If you are competitive and want to move up in class he’s your guy.  If you’re not competitive and just want to improve and have a great time, he’s your guy.


Houston, TX

Being a shotgun shooter from the age of 6, I thought I had peaked to what I was capable of shooting. After one 3 hour course at Escopeta shooting academy, I corrected several bad shooting habits and raised my score significantly as I apply what I learned. Thank you very much Escopeta Shooting Academy!

Scott Sims

Houston, TX

I have taken numerous lessons with other instructors and didn’t really get much out of the lessons UNTIL I took a lesson with Pablo @ EscopetaShootingAcademy. Come prepared to shoot is all I have to say. Pablo is big about putting in the time, effort and work if you expect to get better. Pablo has a very “common sense” approach on a lot of stuff, he is also big about keeping things simple and not over complicating things (like I tend to do). Can’t say enough about how much he has help me in my game. I look forward to every lesson I take with him, always have a laugh, always learn something new and my game always seems to get better after a lesson.


Lake Charles, LA

Rabbits have always been my “NEMESIS” days I dust them and days I can’t hit one even if it’s standing dead still. After my 1st lesson with EscopetaShootingAcademy I am back to hitting rabbits consistently using both my eyes open and crushing most of them on all different types of presentations. I had been closing an eye off (almost trying to rifle shoot rabbits) which always made me POKE @ the target and miss it. Pablo has taught me some great fundamentals, helped me properly fit my shotgun to me, and has taught me as well how to properly practice “Practice with a goal – Practice with a purpose” as he preaches. Since working with Pablo I have experienced a shooting transformation, from being an ERRATIC shooter to a much BETTER shooter with a lot more consistency in hitting targets.


Houston, TX

 I can’t overstate how valuable I think the fundamentals are that Pablo has taught me about shooting a shotgun. He has greatly improved my consistency in shooting. I am an avid bird hunter and often became frustrated on missing easy shots. One day out in the field hunting I shoot great and next time out I couldn’t hit the side of a barn. I simply couldn’t figure out what I was doing incorrectly?  After taking lessons with Pablo I have learned what my bad habits are and how to work through them and correct them. I hit a lot more game and clay targets now because of his coaching and instruction. I highly recommend his services.

Al Mangine

Houston, TX

Pablo has helped me tremendously with learning how to properly shoot a shotgun. He is fun and great to work with. He has also given lessons to both my children and I know they both had a great time and learned a lot as well. I highly recommend him if you are a beginner shooter or even an experienced shooter.

Susie McDaniel

Houston, TX

Pablo has helped me reach my goals as a Sporting Clays competitor, he took me from B Class to Master Class in a short period of time and I couldn’t have done it with out his instruction. He is competitive and focused which drives you to succeed. He is my COACH.


San Antonio, TX

As a novice shooter (mostly a bird hunter) I didn’t know who to really get instruction from. I asked around and was recommended by many to contact Pablo  @ Escopeta Shooting Academy. I reached out to him and booked my lessons. I am now a proficient Sporting Clays shooter thanks to his instruction and help. I definitely hit a lot more birds since getting his help and now when I miss, I know why I missed where before I had no clue. Great coach for sure.


Houston, TX

Pablo has been my instructor for a couple of years now. After my 1st lesson with him, I almost DOUBLED my score. I hope to be a Master Class shooter one day and I know I will achieve my goal with his help. Pablo continues to teach me new things every time I take a lesson with him, a new strategy or simply by helping me keep things simple ! As he always says “LOOK @ BIRD” … He is a great instructor and is now a close friend. Always fun and I look forward to every lesson I take with him.


Houston, TX

Your donation of  valuable time and shotgun instruction is very much appreciated. It brings a smile to my face when I see the boys who have never fired a shotgun before learn how to shoot safely, correctly and HIT targets ! Thank you for making it fun for them ! 


Houston, TX, Boy Scout Leader

Pablo has given my grandson and I several lessons which were extremely helpful. Our shooting immediately got a lot better. He was able to point out bad habits Charlie and I had picked up over the years and correct them. Pablo is very knowledgeable coach and he is very patient.


Houston, TX

Being new to shotgun sports can be a little intimidating. I asked around our club who they recommended for shooting instruction and many recommended Pablo. I booked a lesson with him and after my initial lesson, I was able to understand how to apply his method to birds I couldn’t hit before. He taught me how to break more difficult targets than what I was used to. Through Pablo’s coaching skills my scores at the fun shoots  and Corporate events have increased dramatically. I also have gained a lot more confidence to shoot my way up to the next class. 


Houston, TX

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